January 05, 2012

I do love bow ties, I`m just not sure I could pull it off. You know that feeling, when you really like something, but you`re not sure that`s the right thing for you? Well that`s how I fell with bow ties, I love it when I see it on others, but not on me. :) Maybe, one day.....
Anyway bow ties are IN ! If you`re not a proud owner of one, maybe your boyfriend is, so when you are drinking morning coffee, take his one and ask him to tie it for you. (usually they have no clue how to do that - at least you will have a good laugh about it) :)

Ahhh and who doesn`t love buns? Seriously, I think all kind of buns are sexy. :) 
The messy ones on the left are my favourite ones... 

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