A CUP OF TEA & TISSUES + veggies soup!

January 03, 2012

Guess what... I`m sick. Great start to the New Year right? :) 
I found this old photo I took once when I was making a vegetable soup ( I did it today as well) and it looked kind of appropriate for this occasion, when I have nothing else prepared for the next post... 
Soon there is going to be an overload of posts, but I need to edit photos from Budapest, and all the others from winter diy projects...I`ve been so busy in December, that I haven`t done half of the things that I wished for. Bad time management? Probably a bit, but the main reason is, that days are way to short for me! 
So I`m off to my bed now, with a cup of tea and tissues.   I hope you are doing better than me ! ;) 

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