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April 07, 2015

Let`s play a new game. :) I was writing a post and it was almost finished, but I wasn`t really happy with it, so I erased it. Then, I was staring at the screen for approximately 15 min with an empty head and an empty post, when I remembered on my weekend escapes in February, so I went through photos, had a good laugh about it, brought back some sweet memories and decided I`ll make a line of city versus city posts. 
This could be fun, right? BUT, you will have to help me with it, cuz if I`m the only one playing, it`s just going to be sad and boring. So, are you in?!

It`s simple really... just leave a comment which one do you prefer +  a reason why did you choose that particular one would be nice as well. :)  I`ll keep updates with how much points each city will get and then in the end, when I`ll get bored with this posts I`ll announce a winner and we all can have a debate about it and maybe #ryanair or #easyjet will give us some free plane tickets :)) (i wish, you wish and the fairy makes our wishes come true) 


I give  my vote to Amsterdam. Why? Honestly I don`t know..I just felt it. London was too big, it would be nice to have a longer vacation there, but I think I`d be stressed to live there. I don`t like it when I need to take a bus for 1h to get to somewhere + it`s freakin` expensive + the weather is not my favourite. I do love walking/biking distance, which A. is great for, weather is also shitty, but at least is a bit less expensive + they have some nice coffeshops. :)
Oh, I always ask myself...would I want to live here ? .. and that`s how I decide how far on the list this city goes for me. So, what about you? What`s important for you when you`re discovering new cities?

ps: I just saw this Travelettes guide to Amsterdam on facebook and it kind of fits into this post:

Let`s do this! 
bunny hug xx (since I didn`t make any posts for easter  - sorry, time flies!) :) 

ps: In the following days, don`t forget to check out the blog + my other social media channels, since I was invited to participate in this really amazing project which starts on Thursday and all I will say for now is that I think it`s going to be mikstejp-legen-dary! :D hihi, I`m so excited! :)

ps2: Photos are from my Instagram: majarotovnik

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4 komentarji

  1. Amsterdam for sure! Better quality of life, more relaxed and the people are so cool! not to mention the liberal surroundings ;)

  2. i like london but i love amsterdam.
    amsterdam: biking, no need for underground/buses, you can walk everywhere, beautiful place, great museums (except for that bloody diamonds) - but they are really expensive!, friendly people
    london: great museums/galleries which are free!, great shopping, better nightlife

  3. Amsterdam. Zaradi koles, zaradi urejenosti, zaradi ljudi, zaradi jezika, zaradi odprtosti (misli).

  4. Težka je ta. 2 krasni mesti.
    Ma, vseeno, London, moja prva ljubezen. Ne znam točno razložit, zakaj.
    Zaradi parkov? Zaradi podzemne? Zaradi angleščine (nizozemsko ne znam)?


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