December 28, 2011

Few days ago I did a post about Tifamade (a Paris food lover + vintage bike) and today is about vintage trailer + cupcakes! :) 
Enjoy Cupcakes was established April 1st 2009 and currently has one storefront location in Los Olivos California, where Amber Joy Vander Vliet (baker) is continually inspired by local produce, flavors, wines and respect for food. She takes adavantage of the ingredients that grow in her yard and what the local farmers are offering for sale.
If you want to know even more they have their own blog or you can also check the website. (for ex. photos of cupcakes!) :) 

Adorable restored vintage trailer, twinkling lights, sweet smell of cupcakes, festive decorations.... what`s here not to love? :) 

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2 komentarji

  1. Tole šmensi prikolico sem tud jst opazila enkrat na spletu in nebi imela popolnoma nič proti če bi preživela tam en daljši čas :)) Prav romantično, sexi in vsi te cupcake-si...ijooj, lušte lušte :)))


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