I know a lot of you are already planning Spring holidays or maybe just a weekend getaway, so it is definitely time I tell you a bit about our experience at Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico hotel, situated right in Rovinj's historic old town.

If you are traveling with a car you should be aware of the fact that it's not allowed to drive through the old town, so you will have to leave it at the nearest parking lot. No worries, it's really close, 10 min walking distance and you won't even need to walk, since hotel has their own electric golf cart and they will come pick you up. Relax and enjoy the short, but beautiful ride through lovely cobblestoned alley. 

Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico hotel
Augusta Ferrija 44, 52210 Rovinj

Hotel is a carefully restored building that dates back to 1920s and originally belonged to a prominent Italian family. In fact, the hotel incorporates three houses integrated into a harmonious architectural complex, the potential of which was recognized by the owner (who is Slovenian, btw). It's a boutiqe style hotel with 7 double rooms. It offers a tranquil retreat away from the tourist bustle, perfect for couples who prefer to avoid generic chain and enjoy staying in a restored historic building, with a lot of privacy. I mean, we were there for two days and hardly met anyone, but it was a low season though.

Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico hotel has a rustic charm with a modern and luxurious touch. On the ground floor there is a lovely reception with an open fireplace during the winter days, lounge bar, wine vault (with a great selection of Croatian, Slovenian and Italian wines) and a garden with a water tank from 1964. I really wished to have a breakfast outside in the inner garden, but since we were visiting in October, it was way too cold for that, because we woke up in a cloudy morning. Neverthless, breakfast was delicious and we were lucky to enjoy a couple of sunrays peaking through the glass here and there. 

Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico hotel is located at 44 Augusto Ferri Street, only three minutes walk from the city centre. This part of the town was once called "contrada Spirito Santo" and this was the inspiration for the name of the hotel. All seven rooms are actually named after the streets of Rovinj. 

We stayed in a room named Trevisol that is one of the most spacious rooms of Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico with 28m² and some fascinating features, like restored fresco, a perfect sea view (loved it!) as well as the view of old town and St. Euphemia church. The floor of the room is a combination of terrazzo and parquet flooring, while the walls have been done by a special Venetian technique marmorino. There is a minibar, TV, Wi-Fi and safe at guest disposal. In the specially designed bathroom you can find all necessary cosmetics made by Chopard (it smells divine). ;)

We enjoyed so much. It was one of those weekends that are hard to forget. Maybe also because it was our last weekend on seaside, before the Winter kicked in. I mean, come on, look at me, I am sleepwalking. Haha, nah, I was actually a) thinking about dinner b) trying to figure out what's that smell c) got something in my eye d) enjoying the sunset. What do you think? :) 

This post was made in a friendly collaboration with Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico hotel.

Love,  Maja 

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