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My every week movie post, turned into every month movie post. Sorry for that, I`ll do my best to improve my great film suggestions! :)
A while ago, I saw Mary & Max and damn, I cried, I laughed, I was happy, surprised, everything!
I loved it!
It˙s about how two different worlds come together in a story about a most unusual friendship.
So if you are thinking what to watch (like many times before) , don˙t hesitate, you will enjoy it!!

You can also check it on IMDB.


  1. Čestitke, Mikstejp Maja!
    Pravkar si dobila čisto svojo mavrico.
    Prosim pošlji še svoj naslov na moj email, da ti jo bo prinesel poštar ;)

  2. OOoo Nina, to pa je fino presenečenje!! :)
    Hehe sem ful vesela, ker ponavadi nimam sreče z nagradnimi igrami.
    Tko da hvala lepa studio ninocka!! ;)**


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