I have been thinking a lot about the blog and topics I want to share with you guys. For a long time now, I have this idea that excites me, but I didn't find the time to actually make it happen. I'd like to start with a couple of new things, so keep your fingers crossed, because that means you'll have a lot of new reading material. ;) This was just a short intro, before we get into the real deal...food, what else. 

Today, I am introducing "Bistro SUWON", the first Korean restaurant in Ljubljana. I have never been to Korea, so let's say I had some idea about the food, but didn't know what to expect as far as the flavours go, you know? Is it sweet, sour, spicy? Well, I can say it is damn good! I liked the fact it's fulfilling, but not heavy. Since it was our first time and we were having dinner with Katja, who is already an expert on Korean food, we left the faith in her hands and let her choose out our menu. Mmmm, the best choice we could make. Thank you! ;) 

As you can see from the photos we tried Bibimbap (I always say bimbam), Kimbap, Kimchi, Salad with baked pear and soy sauce, Mandu (dumplings in Korean cuisine) - my favourite and last but not least, the dessert - Matcha Ice-Cream. We also tried Oksusu-cha which is corn tea (such an unusual and interesting taste). You can find the whole menu here. It's in Slovenian, but If you are around and curious, I'm sure they will be happy to help you out. ;) 

So, if you are in Ljubljana and searching for some Korean food, visit Bistro SUWON. Friendly staff, lovely ambient and I honestly think it's a good ratio - price/portion. ;) They also offer takeaway if you feel like having your meal outside on the sun, or if you are in a hurry and want to take it back to the office/uni. ;)

Bistro SUWON
Dunajska cesta 101
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Love,  Maja 

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