December 14, 2011

If you feel like doing something creative but you don`t really have a lot of time, this DIY is perfect, because all together it took me only about 10 minutes (that includes washing the jars).
Inspiration came from always magical pinterest and the white marker idea, is from one of  my favourite blogs - pepermint.

Pretty jars for storage? Yes, please! I think I`ll have a whole collection soon :) 
Also a few months ago I`ve posted more ideas of what you can do with jars. Click here if you wish to check it out. :) 

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3 komentarji

  1. aha vidim da si pridna in nič ne bo šlo v nič ;).

  2. hihi ja je treba hranit te kozarčke, ker nikol ne veš kdaj pridejo prav. Men itak vedno manjkajo pripomočki za shranjevanje drobnarij, tko da je tole super rešitev. :)

  3. super super super!!! če ti sejlotejpki niso super! :)


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