I promised I'll keep making updates of my trainings, which is good also for my motivation. Since I am always fighting the time, I just realised I was running only once a week and that's just not enough!
I'll do my best to push harder and train at least three times a week. This week I shouldn't be hard to myself tough, cuz on Saturday I have to run a 2k "sprint" for my work and that's just awful. I never enjoy it, because I am (was) a long distance runner and I am not used to fast starts. I need time to develop the speed and happiness while running. :) We'll see how things develop. Every year I take the 4th place and that makes me angry (yeah, I am a lil bit competitive), but honestly I think this year will be the same, because I know I haven't trained enough + my lungs are not helping me with all the allergies that are killin' me in this period. Are you a runner/outdoor person and have allergy on pollen perhaps? How are you dealing with it? Did you find any secrets that are helping you with outdoor activities? :) Share the wisdom. I'm sure we'll be happy to hear it! ;)

Ha, I just remembered. I went hiking in my hometown (Celje) on Wednesday, so that's already better. I usually have Wednesdays for this lil hike with a friend of mine and I love it.

Anyway, below are the screenshots from my trainings. I haven't posted all the statistics but just the length of the run, average speed, calories, time and altitude.

16.5.2016 (Monday)
This was just a run to relax after work. I wasn't really lucky with the weather because it started to rain and not just drizzling, but like the british would say, it was raining "cats and dogs". It was funny cuz I actually enjoyed it. I made my music a lil louder, put the hood on and speed up my tempo, all that with a smile on my face. It felt good!

21.05.2016 (Saturday)
My fav one. I was lucky to be at the seaside for the weekend and of course I had to take an advantage of that. It was my "long distance" run, 10k. Easy tempo, great temperature and an amazing landscape.  It also helped I wasn't running alone, even though I prefer to have my trainings solo.
The path was amazing, so beautiful! Who wouldn't run right next to the sea? That's the idea. You go to the seaside. Have a healthy breakfast and an active day. Haha, would you agree?

27.05.2016 (Friday)
This was on Friday and I was short on time, because I came from work and I still needed to take a shower and go to the city to meet friends at Odprta Kuhna (Open Kitchen) for a dinner, beer and a friday night fun. I just went the small circle here near home, for two times and played with my tempo a bit. I did intervals, but overall the average speed came to 6:43. That's because I was walking as well. The fastest was 4:28 min/km.

29.05.2016 (Sunday)
Uuu, it just stopped raining and the sun is out, so I'm off for a quick run. It's Sunday, 7:30pm and I'll continue with this post when I come back, because I don't want the night to catch me. Ok, now it's 10:22pm and I'm continuing with writing, but soon, I'll have to go to sleep, cuz I need to wake up early tmrw. Today I had a really good day, training was successful and what's the best is that I see and feel how I'm improving and that's just the most amazing feeling. ;) 

I decided to include this last training into this week post, but from now on it's from Monday - Sunday, so the next post about training will be next Sunday. Between, I'll make another post from last Thursday, when we had a spa day with the girls from "Bloggers run with Adidas" project. Stay tuned for that one as well. ;)

This photos below are from my snapchat. If you are still not following me, find me under: majarotovnik ;)

I'd be happy If you'd share how does your trainings look like? What's your favourite sport? How are you finding the motivation to do it? What do you do when the weather is shitty - all or nothing? Also you can write me an email: mikstejp.blog@gmail.com with questions if you have some, or visit my Facebook page or Instagram.

Have a great week! 


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