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I used to wrote about design, packaging and products that I love quite frequently and then something happened and I had a pause for a while, but that doesn`t mean I`m not keeping an eye on things that are happening around me. I decided to get back on track with this things, so there will be at least one post a week related to these themes. 

Today I`ll introduce Lili & Roza Tees, because I love the story behind it. 

Lili & Roza is a fashion oriented company. They started their business in 2011 in the capital of Slovenia and now own franchisees of three worldwide brands: the Italian MAX&Co. and Marina Yachting, and the French Petit Bateau.

Fashion is their passion which led them to their own line of products. They are starting with tees but new products are already in the works. They are creating fashionable, premium apparel in a sustainable way, from the selection of materials to the production and packaging. Their products are designed with love and more importantly, produced by a fairly compensated workforce, so you can wear them with pride. 

All of their products are made from Organic cotton and have certifications such as GOTS, OCS 100, OCS Blended, OEKO, TEX, REACH which illustrate thir commitment to sustainable practices. 

With each grapich on their apparel they are supporting young designers. This time the tees are made in a collaboration with Vida Igličar and Mashoni Design Studio. 

Can`t wait to see what`s coming next. :)


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