Last month (wow, time flies!) I was on vacations in Sicily. If you are following me on social media you already know, because I was going nuts with posting photos. There is so many beautiful things to share and I still haven't show you all, but this time it`s time for blog posts. ;)

I knew I'll eat good, but I had no idea it will be that good! Italians really know how to enjoy food and their meals. If you're a foodie like me, than I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. I enjoy everything about food. From picking up the ingredients, cooking, setting up the table, tasting new flavours and most important, eating. Just enjoying the meal. It's great when you're surrounded with people that know how to enjoy the lil things as well, because only then, the experience is complete. I come from a family that appreciates a good meal. My mom is more of a traditional cook, but she cooks fantastic! On the other hand, I am more of an explorer, because I like to play with different cuisines and different flavours, make something I've never done before and make it in the best possible way. I enjoy cooking, but I have to have time for it. If I'm under pressure I just feel stressed and then all the fun goes away, which of course we don't want, because cooking is a creative process with a fantastic outcome (usually. if you don`t burn anything or use sugar instead salt). :)

Now, let's see what about is all this fuss regarding Siclian food (oh, it's so damn good!).

First I have a lil tip for you guys. When you're in Sicily (or traveling somewhere) don't be afraid to ask the locals, especially the ones producing or selling food. Also if you will stay at B&B, people are extremely helpful and offered us great tips. Don't worry if you're not fluent in Italian, just learn some key words that will help you with breaking the ice. ;) Oh, and trust me, you should never ever eat at places that offer a "menu turistico" or the places you can see were made just for tourists. Pretend you haven`t seen the place and try to find something more authentic (like trattoria somewhere in the "mountains"). ;) 


My favourite meal of the day (but only when I don't need to wake up at 6am to have it). I hate when you have to attend breakfasts from 7 -10am. It's always a challenge for me to be there in time. Haha, for those who don't know, I'm not really a morning person and even If I would wake up at let's say 8:30 I appreciate having time for myself. Easy going mornings, that's what is all about.
Ok, there`s always room service as well, but you know.... I can't be a princess all the time. Sometimes it has to be hard, so we appreciate the moments when everything goes smoothly.

Eating ice cream for breakfast? A splitted brioche stuffed with a big scoop of gelato? Sounds unusual I know, but Sicilians are doing it. Honestly I haven't tried it, probably because the weather was not that nice (drizzling & windy) so I felt more of having a cup of tea. I do see how this would be a perfect breakfast when already in the morning there`s like 25 degrees outside. 

Brioche or some other pastry, marmelade, fresh fruits that comes directly from the trees (that tastes amazing!), and coffee! This is all I need for a perfect start of the day. Ok, and a spremuta for a vitamin C injection. 

Don`t miss on "Cannolo", which is great if you're sweettooth. You can taste them all over Italy, but their origin is in Sicily. Combining fried, crunchy dough with lusciously creamy and sweet ricotta. Sounds heavenly, right? ;) 


When you finish with your morning ritual, go out and visit markets, because what's better than getting lost in the city, wandering through markets with fresh food, getting to know local ingredients and chatting with people, even if you don't know their language. There's always a way. ;) If you're in Palermo don't miss Vucceria. Oh, and when in Catania, go to the Fish Market in Piazza Carlo Alberto. Don't miss this one out, because it's truly an experience, a scene hardly seen anywhere else. 

Eating out 

Food is a serious business in Italy. I learned that when I was living in Lisbon and one of my flatmates was from Italy (Umbi, I miss you!) and he was always preparing his meals with lots of love. He was also our official Erasmus Chef when it came down to who will be the one person, that will prepare food for 20 or more people. ;) 

There is so many good places that sometimes it's hard to pick where you wan't to eat. Again, try to find a place where locals go, because it will probably be cheaper + much better. 

Don't get carried away with the whole menu, because that's a lot of food! Maybe order some different types and share among the table. That`s the best way to try as many dishes as possible. 

You start with Antipasti, which can be also a main dish if you just want to snack something. 
Btw, there's a lot of street food to be found when you're around the city. Don't miss Arancina (balls from Palermo), rice, ragu, peas and melted cheece come together to make a satisfying hand-held meal. Oh, and if you like Pistachios, Sicily is like the heaven of pistachios. It comes in every form and shape... gelato, granita, pastry cream, candies, cookies and even pesto. I buyed them vacuum packed and now I'm making some Sicilian food back home. Yum!

**If you have a car, drive to Ucria and visit Trattoria Keria. You won't regret it. Seriously, the food is amazing! ** 

Then you continue with Primi (First dish):

Pasta con le sarde (pasta with sardines). It's so good I even cooked it at home when I came back. 
It's made with sardines, wild fennel, raisins, saffron and pune nuts: legend has it that cooks travelling with the Arab armies mixed their own ingredients with what they found as they marched through the Sicilian countryside.

This photo below shows a dinner that was so good I ate two plates of pasta and that's not something I would usually do.
**When in Siracuse, don't miss out Osteria da Mariano.**

Honestly I think I was eating mostly pasta, because I didn't want to miss out on it. Oh, so much carbs I know, but on vacay I just don't care. 

Secondi (Main Course)

For secondo there's usually meat or pizza, which I haven't ate a lot. I was on a pasta diet for a week. ;) Next information is important, so remember it. This pizza below is definitely the best pizza I have ever eaten. They had some kind of competition for the best pizza on the island and this is one of the top five picks. This was in Cefalu, Ristorante Al Porticciolo. Go there and take your time, because this is so damn tasty! 

Dolci (Dessert)

Ice cream, Ice cream! Apparently, Noto is the place to try it because accordingly to Lonely Planet Gelateria Costanzo has the best ice cream in the whole wide world! I hardly believe that's true because well I'm sure they haven't tried all the ice creams there are, but I can say it was really delicious! Flavours and the texture were perfect! 
I wanted to visit Modica to try their famous chocolate as well, but there was not enough time, which means I have to go back! Oh, there's so much more to explore... 
Below you can see a cake from almonds and honey. Good!

So, I hope you enjoyed this #foodie tour around Sicily as much as I did. I also made a short story on Steller so you're welcome to check that out as well. Don't forget to visit my Instagram where you`ll find even more photos or find me on Snapchat: majarotovnik, for instant updates.

Wisdom -- > Writing posts about food is not easy. Why? Because I`m craving for some food right now. Haha, so off I go... in a search of something delicious. 


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  1. Love that I know most of those places (I've been to Sicily in September). Also gorgeous photos! :)



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