Last week I started with series of posts called "Introduction" (if you missed the previous post you can see it here). At that time I also wrote that if you would like to be featured or have a friend or maybe just an idea what I should write about, send me an email or contact me via any social media and we'll talk about it. ;) Honestly, I didn't really expect anyone will be up to it, but two lovely ladies contacted me and because I like their work I'm sharing it with you guys today. 

Ana and Benja are the ones behind the brand called Bunt (verb. writing a story of collected pieces of inspiration). Ana is a student of architecture and Benja studies graphic and media technology. They both studied in Istanbul, where they developed an unusual fascination with patterns. (I totally understand how that can happen, because I have a lil obsession with patternes as well).
Their love of crafts and exploring led them to create bunt room, a place for sharing their projects, products and insight to their inspiration. Their products are inspired by nature and human creations of all shapes and sizes: patterns, textures, composition, light, colour, reflection...
They use high-quality materials and take time to carefully craft their products. They are nature friendly and especially love to work with paper, wood, fabric and leather.

They also have a blog which you'll enjoy if your heart and feet tremble at the mention of something foreign, new and beautiful. They write about all things inspiring, including cultures, traditions, architecture and craftsmanship from here, there and beyond. So far they've both discovered a passion for graphic design, illustration, animation, web design and type design. In the coming months they're promising to upload tutorials for those who love to do the work themselves.

Here are some of their ongoing projects:


Find more here.


The notebooks are handcrafted and decorated with detailed pattern design. They are made of 100% recycled paper and contain 30 pages. Notepads are A6 format and contain 32 blank pages. Find more about it here.


Find more here.

For the end here's a video from their workshop: 

Show some love and visit their website or shop here.


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