It's end of the week which means I'd usually share an idea about a day trip, but this time I decided to make something different and combine healthy lifestyle and traveling. In other words, we'll go through a list of things that will help you stay fit when traveling.

I used to wonder how some people can do it, but in the end it really comes to how organised and prepared you are. Everything starts already at home while packing your things, because if you forget to pack the right gear, then it's more likely you'll have another good excuse why you don't need to go on that morning jog that you were thinking of but were not sure about it, because sleeping late is also a very tempting idea. :)

Overall I think it's easier for those who already keep up with healthy lifestyle, because it comes natural to them and they don't need to find that extra motivation.

When you're in a phase of making travel plans, also think about your goals. Do you want to keep your fitness or maybe work a bit harder on it? Maybe you don't care about it and you're happy with just eating healthy.

Let's be honest though, it's hard to stick to a diet plan when traveling, especially if you're in a country where everything looks delicious (Italy, Mexico, Portugal, etc.) and you're drooling all over the food while just watching it. Be reasonable. It's better to eat what you want (ok, that doesn't mean you can eat every cake you see) and work out more. As for myself, I am always doing this compromise. Food is a reward or training is a motivation. It works both ways. ;)
When you have a plan, be strong and stick to it! ;)

Think about your accomodation. Does your hotel/hostel/whatever have a gym? Check the map to see surroundings. Mark possible trails/paths/roads for your running routine. Do they rent bikes? Check for bike routes.
Why all this? So you know, what gear you need to pack and  you'll be able to do all this fun stuff. Oh damn, but you have only your carry on?! No worries, luckily training clothes are lightweight so they don't take much space/weight + they dry quickly so you can also hand-wash them everyday. Sorry, no excuses for you here.

In my everyday routine I find this very difficult, but when on vacay something magical happens and I'm fine with it. I am really not a morning person (even though my mornings during the week are starting at 5:20AM - the worst) so when it comes to weekend I need to sleep late to fill up my batteries. I actually did try to go on a morning run a couple of times, but my body just ain't working that early. I was in pain and I hated it. The only good thing was a beautiful sunny morning when everything is still calm and you can enjoy the sounds of nature.
By now, you're already probably confused, because I wrote to exercise in the morning and then wrote all the negative stuff about it, but wait for it ....

As far as my knowledge goes I know that exercise first thing in the morning gives your metabolism a boost, allowing you to burn more callories during the day. If you want to enjoy all those ice-creams, coctails and all other goodies guilt free, get up, dress, go out and sweat it all out!

You know what's the best? When you finish your run and you're totaly exhausted, thirsty and sweaty and you just take off your clothes and jump into the ocean. Ahhh, what a joy, I love it!!
Afterwards, go to your accommodation, have a shower and enjoy a guilt-free breakfast. You can even have that extra croissant, because you earned it! ;)

Don't forget you still have a whole day ahead of you, so you can plan whatever you want and that's also one of the top things why excercise in the morning is a good idea.

Remember this one, because it's really important that you drink enough water (not only while traveling, also at home!). It eliminate toxins from the body, keeps your skin vibrant + you don't feel hunger as much as you would without drinkin water. They say 2L is about the right amount, but if you'll be doing some sports and it's going to be hot outside, you'll probably need more. Try also with watermelons. ;) (wine & beer not included here)

5 EXPLORE THE AREA - soak up the scenery
On Vacations there is always so much fun things to do and so much things to explore. If you don't feel like having a typical daily workout, just get creative and let yourself go. Trust me, beautiful things will happen. ;)

Think about your surrounds - can you go for a hike on the hill near by? Maybe have a bike tour through the old city or perhaps run barefoot along the beach and pretend you're working for a baywatch (or not), or walk till you drop and explore all the local shops you can find. That must count, right? 
Also renting a kayak and exploring islands near by is not a bad idea. Join some random people and have a beach volleyball match, perhaps a game of tennis or a SUP for working on your balance. If you're near the waves try yourself in surfing. The ultimate and a must is snorkeling and swimming (if you're on a summer holidays of course). Anyhow, be brave, get some tan and try something new!

I dont't know about you, but my motivation (quiet often) are photos. It might sounds strange, but damn, if you work your ass off, the best price in the end is to get that one perfect photo of a landscape, ocean or city view that you didn't see it comin`. I'm always so happy when that happens. I love good views and I'm ready to do a lot for them. ;)

I always love to stay in places with a kitchen, so I can prepare my own meals, because only like that I can have a total control on my food. For me, one of the best things when I come to a foreign country  are Markets. I absolutely love to explore them, chat with locals and try some food I have never seen before. You can buy fresh fruits and veggies, meat and cheese, pasta... everything you need to prepare a healthy meal, that will give you enough energy for your active day to come. Don't be shy, try something new and if you don't know how to prepare it, ask around. People are usually very keen to help. ;) It can also happen you don't have a kitchen and in that case, just take care you get enough vitamins and balanced meals. You can do anything you want if you only put your mind in to it. Don't forget that. ;) 

_ _ _ _ _ 
With this five tips I gave you, I'm wrapping up for today. It's Friday and I think movie night is the best choice, cuz I'm sure that in half an hour I'll be asleep already. 

Have a great weekend my dear followers! 

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