This last couple of weeks have been crazy for me. So many new things, projects, people, events, that it was really hard to keep up with everything. Honestly, I feel so exhausted and in a need of a loooong vacation, just to sleep three days in a row and do nothing. Not even post on Instagram. :) 

Anyway, we're here to talk about sport, right? Do you have that one thing that you wish to do, but never had the courage to try it? Climbing, paragliding, trail running, whatever really? :) Well, do it, do it now, so you won't regret it later! Sometimes, I feel like it's hard for me to try something new, go to a new place or attend an event where I don't know anyone, but everytime I feel that weird feeling in my stomach I say to myself: "C'mon Maja, do it, it's good for you" and you know what? It really is! It charges my batteries and I'm always full of inspiration and positive vibes after things like that. Ok, obviously, I'm talking overall, not only for sporty things. Haha, I get carried away so easily, sorry. ;) I owe you two updates from our trainings and a post from our last act on Saturday, so all together three updates (haha, I'm good in math a?) :D I'll do my best to combine it here, because I'd like to close this chapter, to start other things. No worries, I'll keep #mikstejpissporty thing going on, just maybe in a different way or something. Definitely I'll keep running, because I finally found myself again. 

Quite a while ago, instead of working out we went to a spa, where we enjoyed a Thai massage, oulala. Heaven, really. Don't forget that while training, regeneration is also very important for you. A machine needs to have fuel and be at its best to perform best and so does the human body. I'm sorry for my stupid faces on every photo but it seems I am very good at it. ;) 

This was easy. Next one was the last training before our final run this Saturday. We had a training together with David Pleše a pro triathlete. Blaž Strožer (our trainer) took us for a run uphill to Ljubljana castle. I was a bit scared of that one (I was never strong when it came to an uphill running) but in the end I really enjoyed it and had no problems with it, which gave me courage to continue. Here are some shots from our run:

I didn't even feel my legs after this run, which means we either went too slow or I had a really good day! ;) 
Taaadaaaaam and now, here we are, the grand finale, 15k Adidas trail run at Soca Outdoor Festival
Seriously, it was freakin' amazing! I am always watching this youtube videos and admire trail runners, for their strength, strong will and consistency in trainings (a while ago I shared a video from Krupicka (my hero)) and I never thought that one day I'll do it myself. It feels so good!! I love hiking, but running uphill was always such a big challenge for me and I was avoiding it, because it was too hard and I was not ready to work for it, until I got the chance to participate in this lovely Bloggers run with Adidas challenge. I'd like to use this opportunity and thank Blaž (our trainer) for all the knowledge he gave us, Adidas for making it possible, girls for a great company, PR agency that was handling us, Matic for making amazing photos and Tesa, for choosing me in the beginning. Also, big thanks to everyone that were/are supporting me and of course, thank you, my dear readers because you're coming back and are my motivation to do even more, even better.  <3 

Btw, people there were so lovely! This guy (Jane) on the photo with me in the water was the best. I had a bit of a crisis and he was running with me the last 4k. Thank you Jane, I'm not sure I'd make it that "fast" otherwise. There was also this super nice Italian runner who gave me a flower on the way when he saw I am struggling with the heat (it was 30 degrees). So nice, really. Don't mind if I say that the scenery was also damn beautiful. The hills, the river, the forrest... Paradise for nature lovers. Will make another post to show you what a gem is our lil Slovenia. ;) 
Haha, as you can see, I'm still very emotional and going through moments and impressions from the weekend. It's hard not to, since my legs are killing me. :) 

Foto credit: Matic Kremžar 

That's it folks. All in one. 

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