This post should be up on Monday, but yeah, It didn't worked out like I planned, so I'm sharing it today.  I have this idea that I plan my time perfectly and still I somehow ran out of time for all the things that I should or I wish to do. The worst is that I thought of myself as a person that doesn't do plans, but in reality I plan a lot! Without my notebooks and reminders + post-it notes everywhere, I'd be lost in this world. I also tend to have this problem of wanting too much at the same time, so sometimes it's hard to finish everything that I start. Working on that for a while now... haven't seen any real progress yet. :) Anyhow, let's get to business..... 

By now you probably all know that I love traveling. I'd love to travel more often and for longer periods, but sadly my work doesn't support that, so I do my best with the weekends that I have. I love spontaneous road trips, weekend trips or even a day trip. I'm lucky to live in a small country where everything is reachable in a matter of hours. I love the ocean, so I'm the happiest when I get to see and smell the sea. Oh, someday I will live by the sea. Remember that.  So, the natural thing is, that I am all about day trips to the seaside. Slovenia, Croatia, Italy... whatever works just fine for me.

Last weekend I was in Grado, Italy. 
Such a charming town. I loved the old town and cobblestone streets. You can find so many cute details everywhere (don't forget to look up!). I can't really say much about what to do there, but it's great if you wish to have an escape from everyday. Walk the streets, enjoy a three hour coffee (btw, I think no matter where you'll have it, it will be delicious) on the sun, have an ice-cream, make some great shots of the ocean, pick up some seashells for your home decor, dip your toes in the water and have a delicious dinner for the end of your lovely adventure. I've heard it's also great for shopping, but honestly my focus was not on the shops, so I wasn't even paying attention to them.
There's a nice path along the main road that goes to Grado, which I think it's great for running or even better, a bike trip! ;) Also if you're enthusiast about kiting, Grado is a hot spot for Slovenians, cuz it's only an hour away. Some people say it's the best place in the world, but I can't really put my mind around that, since I have no idea if that's true. Hm, but you know I'd love to try kitesurfing one day. Anyone out there that would care to take me on a day trip, exploring the world of kite? Haha, now, that would be a nice collaboration. ;) 

That's it. Short but sweet. 
Enjoy the photos and if you have any questions, just leave a comment or write me an email: mikstejp.blog(at)gmail.com. 
Also, feel free to add me on snapchat: majarotovnik to get real time impressions of the places/things. 

Love, M. 

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  1. Maja, kot nalašč. Me že od daleč pritegne. Ne poznam mesteca, a kot pišeš, se vidi 'Such a charming town'. Hvala za namig. In... za ponovit...


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