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I've already posted some sneak peak shots on snapchat, povio and Facebook, so you might already know about the project Bloggers run with Adidas, that I am lucky enough to attend along with the other girls that were chosen by the three Slovenian beauty bloggers Ajda, Tesa and Tjaša. Each of them chose three girls for their running team. Honestly, I applied and totally forgot about it because at the time I had so many things going on, so when I got an e-mail from Tesa, I was really happy. Our final test is a 15k trail run on 2nd of July at the Outdoor Soča Festival and until then we'll train, sweat and have a lot of fun. ;)

We've already had two trainings and the first time was just a get-to-know each other meeting in Adidas shop in Ljubljana, where we also met our Adidas trainer Blaž Strožer, who explained us some basics about running and which trainers are right for us.

Next time we met it was already our first official training. We started with doing measurements with Tanita, which monitors bring you fast, accurate body composition results using the latest advanced bio-electrical impedance analysis technology. This gives you a true indicator of your inner health and, when monitored over time, can show the impact of any fitness regime or weight loss programme. We've got results for body fat percentage (which I was shocked about, because my percentage is super high, which made me a bit worried and disappointed that I allowed this to happen), muscle mass, total body water, bone mass, paysque rating, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age and body mass index (I think I summed up everything).

I'm hoping I'll be able to do the same in the end of our journey, to see how much I have improved, because I took this challenge seriously. I always do when I set my mind on something, especially when I know it's good for me and there's a challenge in the end, like this 15k trail run, that will be quite hard for me, because I was always lacking the strength for this kind of runs, even though I had a big wish to attend one of the trail runs.

After we finished with measuring, we went for a run, where we did athletic alphabet and talked about what's important while running. We learned that running on your toes is important, so don`t forget this! ;) Remember, our ancestors were barefoot, so we should nail this. ;) It's hard in the beginning, but eventually, you get used to it. For ex. I have to think about it all the time, otherwise my running technique is wrong, heel to toe. I`m working on it though...
When we were done, we got our individual training plan, which I`ll share with you guys in case anyone is feeling motivated and wants to join. ;)

Btw, a while ago I was obsessed with watching movies of ultra trail runs and my hero is Anton Krupicka. I think I watched and read almost everything about him. I love his energy and simplicity. Check this video. I watched it a couple of times and really liked it. Why? Not sure really. The atmosphere, music in the video, sunset somewhere in the middle. It just makes me wanna go out and run and that's that feeling I've been missing for a while now, until this project came along and kicked my ass to start moving again. Oh, and it feels so good! 

Second training was city run and much fun. Can`t wait for our next meeting that will be about spoiling us a bit, because regeneration is as much important as training. ;) 

I`ll try to make updates once per week. I`ll share my trainings and statistics + we`ll talk about food and regeneration, so we`ll cover most of the important topics related to running. 
So guys, are you ready? Let˙s do this! ;)

Running plan

△ DAY 1 △
30 min run at average pace
6x 50m build-up run

△ DAY 2 △
rest day 

△ DAY 3 △
10 min run at average pace
3×1 km tempo run (1min pause in-between)
10 min run at average pace

△ DAY 4 △
rest day

△ DAY 5 △
10 min run at average pace
6×1 km tempo run (1min pause in-between)

△ DAY 6 △
rest day

△ DAY 7 △
40-50 min endurance run


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