April 05, 2012

Wow, it`s been a year since I`ve started writting this blog and it feels like it was just yesterday.
 I was driven by a thought that if I spend so much time online, why not make something out of it + curiosity did its own part as well. I have learned so many things through all this months  + I`ve met some pretty cool people that otherwise I probably wouldn`t have and for that I`m really happy for. 
I still wish to make my blog better, because I know it`s possible and I know what I want, I just don`t really have the time for it. Sometimes it`s kind of hard when you have a job, university (yup thesis are still on my debt - working on it), social life and blogging life. Ok, I can`t really complain, it`s what I chose right? Multitasker all the way! :)  haha ok now I`ll stop with the philosophy of life and just thank you guys for being such a cool "audience" & for all the comments you`ve made, it really means a lot!! 
To celebrate my first year I`m preparing a giveaway, but more about that in the next post, which will be or tonight or tmrw morning, so stay tuned! ;) 

Oh and this muffins were actually made for a friend of mine for her b-day. I just used the photo because it seemed appropriate at the moment :) 

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9 komentarji

  1. happy birthday! luškani kapkejkiči in lucky friend! keep on rockin:)

  2. Papirčki so iz Ikee, a ne? luštni.

  3. congratz! :) pa mmm mafini, kakšni pa so? deli recept ;)

    1. teenkju*
      hihi te so bli za darilo tako da so to muffini za čokoholike, recept sm pa kr iz kulinarike vzela(
      Drugače pa največ delam po tem receptiču - - so mi ful dobri + niso tok sladki/mastni. Priporočam pa da dodaš še koščke čokolade al pa kakšne borovničke mmmm :)

  4. Vse najboljše! Lep blogič imaš in fajn okus, tako da rada pokukam sem ali pa na tvoj Pinterest. Se bereva ;)

    1. Valentina juj hvala!* je ful lepo slišat takšne stvari, mi kr dan polepšajo :)


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