May 24, 2012

Another cool thing in our little town, is this local café that I love! 
There are two more from the same owner but I`ll show you that ones some other time. I took photos of this one on the same day that we visited museum (this post), cuz it`s just a few meters away + I bought some coconut cookies & they were delicious !! Oh, and they absolutely have the best coffee in town (try it with vanilla) ! I`d love even more places like this one, people really need to get creative + innovative & the world will be even more fun! :) 

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7 komentarji

  1. mmmm kuba <3 poskusi se belo s koksom ;)

    1. O ja, poznam! To sta moji dve najljubsi...bela + kokos ali bela z vanilijo! :)

  2. you make me wanna see celje:D

  3. Tale pa ta vecja Kuba, najboljsi kavarni v Celju :) smoothiji pa caj, njami!

  4. Ja pa iiiiiiiiiiiii. To je to, česar rabimo ŠE VEČ. Pure Paris filing. Interier, dekoracija, male lesene table so vse, kar rabi en cute little kafe z domačim filingom. Imajo tudi dobre bele XXL kave? Koliko so kaj cene?


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