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Lately I`m so happy with what H&M has to offer.... + I`m in love with the neon colors or let`s just say with all the colors ! (btw black & white is still my first love) :)

Have a great Saturday guys, I did this morning post so that I can enjoy the day without thinking on my blog. (cuz sometimes I really feel bad If I don`t post anything). :)
I`m hoping on a sunny day, because we are planning a picnic for today and later I`m going to a small "marathon" again, just 10k and it`s in my hometown, but what makes it interesting is that it`s at 9pm. 
So, enjoy the day, be happy and hug someone! ;)

xoxo, Maja  


  1. kak je fino gledat slike novih stvari :) VSE je fajn! neon <3 p.s. sem si potem kupla tisti neon šal z lobanjabi ;) je šel kr roza z mano, je bila težka med njim in oranžnim :P

  2. meni so tud neon barve ful ušeč! supr nakup <3

  3. kje si pa pulover kupila? ful je lepe barve :)

    1. Tina, v bistvu je to jopa :) Drugač kupljeno je blo pa vse v H&M-u, ful majo luštne stvari zadnje čase.


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