November 04, 2012

Yesterday I had 40.000 views on my blog and because it was a round number I decided to celebrate it with a giveaway. You have a chance to get a flag cupcake toppers (15 x ), pretty pegs (10x) & some cute cutlery ( 4x ), which was all made by moi. (nothing special really, washi tape makes all the magic <3)

So, if you like what you see, don`t forget to enter the giveaway by:
1. Follow me with GFC (if you don`t have it, than Bloglovin)
2. Like the Mikstejp FB page + optionally (share the news about the giveaway)
3. Leave a comment (on the blog, not facebook)

You have time untill Sunday 11.11.2012  - 6 pm & the winner will be announced at 6.15 pm. 

Good luck ! 
xo, Maja

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9 komentarji

  1. spremlam pousod! giveaway je pa tok noro dobr! juj <3
    & čestitke za tok ogledov :)

  2. Lajkala na FB in folovala na Bloglovin. :)) keep on good work*

  3. Ful lep giveaway! Sledim na GFCju in FBju ;)

  4. Ti sledim na Bloglovin, prav tako pa sem te že prej lajkala na FB. :)In res zelo všečen giveaway. :)

  5. Maja,čestitke tudi z moje strani!
    Sicer pa... enostavno prikupno in uporabno! Spominja na čas piknikov in zabav:)

  6. lovely post.
    lovely blog.
    lovable giveaway

  7. Hmmm, le kdo bi se branil obdarovanja še pred decembrom? Jaz že ne! :D

  8. Super Maja! Le tako naprej... ;)


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