May 20, 2013

There`s not much going on in Celje, so I decided it`s time to change that, even though it`s just a picnic in the park. First of all the most important thing is, that this picnic was meant for everyone - kids, adults, students, hipsters, animal lovers...the more the merrier. :) The point was, that everyone bring smth to eat/drink, a blanket or a chair (if they don`t want to sit on the grass) & anything connected with sport activities, so we wouldn`t be bored just sitting around. Also, we had a little raffle for all the people who contributed something special (I think kids loved the idea). :)
We were a bit unlucky with the weather (it was raining like every 15minutes), but in the end, we still had fun. Respect to all of you who came (I was kind of surprised, cuz I really didn`t expect that much people, since the weather was terrible) & thank you!! ;) Oh, and the good news is, I got a really positive feedback, so I`ll keep this "picnic" events at least once in a month. You are more than welcome to join us, cuz we`d be happy to see some new faces as well! ;) 
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xo, Maja

Group photo, but there are 4 girls missing (one is hiding behind the umbrella, two came a bit later & I`m taking the photo). :)
Instacollage of the different moments ;)

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6 komentarji

  1. kok si se tole dobr spomnla! thumbs up :)

    1. Maruša, hvala! Vreme nam je sicer malce ponagajalo, vendar smo se vseeno imeli luštno. ;)

  2. Piknik za vse,razen tiste,ki se bojijo dežja in temnih oblakov:)
    Fajn ste!!!!

    1. Sabina, naslednjič si vabljena, da se nam pridružiš! ;)

  3. Fajn, upam da se še kdaj ponovi ta ideja in izvedba v sončnem vremenu. Smo vas videli ko smo se peljali mimo parka, ampak je bilo vzdušje najmlajše družinske članice vremenu primerno (+ strele in grmenje) in smo se šli cartat domov :)

    1. Nina, a sta kej pohupala? Namreč nekdo nas je pozdravil, pa nihče ni prepoznal avta :)
      Drugače pa, piknik se ponovi v roku treh tednov ;) Drzim pesti za soncek! :)


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