August 09, 2013

It`s Friday, which means we have a whole weekend to enjoy the little things, so try to do that. Take a moment, just for yourself, do something you haven`t done for a while, but makes you really happy. I got creative again.. it`s weird, even though I`m definitely a summer person all I needed was a little bit of rain and a gentle breeze, so I can breathe normally again and my brains can function without limitation of an constant overheating (if you know what I mean). :) 
Anyhow....I did a little diy project today. I used Ikea table runner, potato, black colour and than I stamped and stamped some more, to get smth Ferm Living like out of it. 
It worked, I love it. ;)

xo, Maja

A page from a magazine (Ambient) that I love. My dream mint products, that I`ll have when I grow up. <3 

Oh yes, Ferm Living + House Doctor. I want it all. Damn, I know...materialist. But I`m in love! 

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5 komentarji

  1. Ta čaj je meni najljubši! ;)
    Lepo si potiskala... :D

    1. hihi, a veš da men tud! ;)
      thx za potisk, sm dobla veselje, bom še kej in še kdaj :)
      pozdravček v brlog*

  2. Superca izgleda! Jutri kar nabavim podstavke... ;-)

  3. Super ideja! Všeč tudi meni!

  4. Se strinjam - House Doctor zmaga. <3 :)



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