Druuuums please.... it`s finally here. The recipe I promised you like a month ago. I won`t say sorry, cuz well, life has been busy.

So, for this superlicious, tasty looking cake you`ll need:

120 g of softened butter (I used a coconut one)
50 g coconut flour
250g whole wheat flour + lil extra to roll the pastry
1 egg
3 table spoons of honey

Mascarpone cream:
500g mascarpone cheese
60g of icing sugar
half a deciliter of milk
Kiwi  Mandarine pudding:
4x kiwi (I had only one, so I used that one + mandarines, which worked great!)
1 vanilla pudding
1 table spoon of sugar
3 deciliters of water

... and the process of making....
First you start with preparing the pastry, which is easy because all you have to do is to mix everything together in a bowl and knead it with your hands into a ball and then put it in the refrigirator for 15 minutes to rest. If you smoke you can make a pause, or you can be productive and make some work ahead. ;) ... 
Take the pastry out of the fridge and role it out to a cirlce with the help of that extra flour and place the pastry into a tart tray. mold it with your hands if neccessary to make an even base with the edge that will hold the feeling and look good. Stab it with a fork a couple of times (try not to be angry while doing this) and bake it for 15 min to 180 degrees. Take it out and if it`s winter put it on the balcony to cool it down, or just make some place in the fridge (obvious solution).
Meanwhile you can start with preparing the mascarpone cream... mix icing sugar and milk in a bowl and mix it up, add the mascarpone cheese and mix it up (mix it up goooood) into a cream. Now spread the funky cream evenly on the pastry (try not to lick your fingers while doing it). Peel kiwis (or in my case - mandarines) and put them in a good blender & mix until smooth (silky smooth baby) and then, put it into a pot. Add 2 dc of water and wait until it starts boiling. The 1dc of water that is still left, use to mix in a cup with 1 table-spoon of sugar and vanilla pudding powder and stir until there is no more lumps and it`s ready to pure into the hot kiwi mandarine while stirring. Boil on low heat for up to 4min and don`t be lazy to stir frequently until it hardens. Then pure the kiwi pudding over the mascarpone cream and let it chill for a little. 
When it`s not hot anymore you can continue to cold it down in the fridge/balcony. 
Serve when firm and chilled + be prepared for some moaning, cuz people tend to do that while eating, cuz it`s so freakin` delicious! ;)

For all my Slovenian readers here is a link to the recipe that I used:

If you decide to make it and especially if you decide to experiment with the fruit, be a hun and send a photo to me... I`ll post it and we can make a lil discusion about it. :)

Soooo, have a good baking day or just a good day...either way, it works. ;)

cheers! xx


  1. Kol'k sončno in slastno! Thanx!


  2. Zgleda super :) Drugače pa ravno odkrivam tvoj blog in moram povedati, da mi je zeloooo všeč.

    Lepo nedeljo želim


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