October 19, 2011

How the color orange affects us mentally and physically? 

- Stimulates activity
 - Stimulates appetite
         - Encourages socialization

That`s why I like it! I love to be social, I have good appetite, and I feel great while being active. 
Whats ur favourite color? I don`t really have one, I like them all.
I guess my favourite one changes from month to month. This month`s pick would be definitely orange! ( It`s autumn, and I love mandarines - I eat like tons of them)

via pinterest

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2 komentarji

  1. my first komentar :)
    great pics that complete your note very well.
    Love the orange bokehs !
    nice blog, keep sharing !
    lucy djee'z

  2. Oranžna je nasploh in to jesen, menda. Malo spremljam modo, sem pa ujela to novičko. Meni je všeč predvsem v naravi (buče, listje, rože) malo manj pa za garderobo. Lepe kolaže si sestavila.


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