Yesterday it was a day for being creative. Why? Well me and Jaka decided that twice per week we`re going to be creative. (that would be on Monday and Wednesday)
On Mondays we will be creative in the kitchen (because we`re both enjoying while getting some culinary skills and of course, the best part of it is, when the work ends and you can finally eat!).
Hehe I think, it`s a great idea! Yesterday we should start with our project and we came up with the idea about a cooking day. We both loved it, and now it`s official - Monday cooking project. That means every monday (well probably tuesday because of arranging photos) you will have a lovely new post to enjoy.

Wednesdays will be reserved for making reused, recycled furniture or whatever, that we will find interesting and enough of a big challenge. Honestly, there is so many possibilities for DIY projects.
You will be able to see our progress through my posts, all you have to do is to follow my blog. :)

So yesterday we did spring rolls, cuz we both felt like eating Asian food, which Im not really a big fan of, but some things are delicious. (like spring rolls :D )

Recipe is really easy, you can totally play with it. You can use whatever vegetables you have at home or find some recipe and hurry to the nearest market to buy all the good stuff you need to make an unforgettable spring rolls. :)

Follow the link to see :  How to make crispy vegetable spring rolls.


  1. O spomladanski zvitki! Že cela večnost je odkar sem se jih lotila. Vidiš, jaz pa obožujem azijsko hrano, še posebno curry. Super, da si polinkala še recept, moji otroci so nori na tele zvitke.

  2. ooo mnjam tenkju za tole! =)
    tvoji so zihr bli božanski, ker že zgledajo tko =)


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