February 25, 2012

So there was a plan of making sushi for yesterday, but it happened today and in the end, I had no part of it. All credits goes to my bf , he was the chef & the photographer (I asked him to take some photos, because it`s a good material for making a post!) So, thank you Jaka, for being so kind! :) 
Hehe, he is really proud on the outcome, he even said it`s the best sushi he ate since visiting Japan : ) 
I can`t say if it`s true or not, because I`m not a fan of sushi. I really don`t like the taste of salmon (which is usually used). We have to try it with tuna or something, maybe that will work for me. :) 
Have you ever made sushi? 

I found this really cool website, to help you out if you decide to make sushi!  -->

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5 komentarji

  1. Obožujem sushi! Sicer ga raje jem kot delam, a se tudi delo bogato poplača;-)

    1. hihi vidim, da ste sami sushi navdusenci :) Madonca, men pa nikakor ne gre navzdol po grlu, razen enkrat ko sem ga jedla brez ribe (cista vegi varianta), kar pa na koncu niti ni več sushi :)
      Si ga že kdaj delala z dimljeno tuno? Mi je prišlo na uho, da zna biti dobro :)

  2. Uuuuu hvala za link na koncu ;) Super blog, sledim preko Bloglovin-a :)

    1. Ana, rade volje! ;) Upam, da ti link pomaga pri delanju sushija + da moraš poročat, če se izziva lotiš, da vidim kako je uspelo ;)

      Hvala za pohvale, ti maš tud en tak zelo luštn blog!


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