btw I love Sofia Boutella!

So NTC is a great thing for all of you who wants to get fit, but maybe don`t have so much time & will to go to the gym. Oh and the best thing is, that it`s for FREE and you can do it anywhere at anytime!! 
If you want to be fit I really recommend this + go jogging sometimes and you`re ready for the summer! ;) 
Try the Cardio killer workout, I barely made it through :) 

"Nike Training Club is a mobile app that gives you your very own personal trainer anytime, anywhere.
Select your goal and fitness level, then choose from over 85 workouts that will help get you lean, toned or strong.  With more drills than ever before, NTC is designed to keep you motivated and focused to maximise your results. "
Check out the website for more informations! 

Oh and I have to tell you guys that if you are in Slovenia or around, there is a 16. NIKE CONVENTION next weekend, that`s 3.3. & 4.3.2012 ! :) 
Two entire days filled with inspiration from the latest and hottest trends withing dance and group fitness! 
You can find all the informations here!


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