|giveaway| :: ARE YOU THE LUCKY ONE? ::

Druuuumsss please........
& the winners are:
1. Orelia earings - Maruša (Mushei)
2. Milo za drago - Anja Pirc
3. Handmade Notebook - Nika Perne paper goods - Urška Petek

We did it old school way (as you can see).
Congratulations girls, I`ll need your address, so please e-mail it to me: mixtejp@hotmail.com. Thx! ;)

 Thank you everyone for participating and hope that you`ll try your luck in the next giveaway! ;)
+ Once again I`d like to thank Babushka Boutique for making this wonderful giveaway even possible.

Love, M.


  1. Čestitam nagrajenkam. Zame pa več sreče drugič.

  2. Čestitke veselim nagrajenkam!!!!


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