Last week we took a break and spend the weekend in Bohinj. It was an outdoor sporty weekend and that`s exactly what I needed to clear my mind. I love the feeling of a fresh morning breeze on my face, to see the lake that shimmers in the morning sun, to feel the pain in the muscles from all the sport going on & go to sleep early, right after dinner and a ping-pong match. :) Damn, my mom was right...things really do change.  I never thought this kind of weekend would satisfy me as much as a crazy D`n`B party on a Friday night, but it totally does. ;) 
+ this collage is another addition to my collection of Postcards from Slovenia. :)

"The core of man`s spirit, comes from new experiences. (Into the Wild)
+ a lil sugar for your ears (from the same movie (here) as the quote). You might like it, or not. I do - a lot. 

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