Kul ideja, jaz imam doma polno kablov, ki so zdaj kar skupaj nametani nekje in potem, ko rabim kakšnega se morem mučit, da jih dobim narazen. ( Jah vem, ne morm bit ponosna na to priznanje,kaj čmo..). Tole mi je pa res všeč, tako da bom zdej mogoče zbirala rolce in postala ponosni lastnik urejenih kablov. 

This is a really neat idea cuz for ex.  I have so many cables at home and they are stuffed in some bag all together and when I need a specific cable (which is rarely but it happens), I need at least 10 min to get the right one. (Im not proud to admit it, but its just how it is)...So I find this idea really useful and Ill start to collect this paper rolls and than Ill be a proud owner of a box full of organized cables!



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