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First of all I`m not lazy for making new posts, just super busy. During the week I honestly didn`t had time for blogging. I started to work last week and I have to say - it`s intense + I`m preparing for my last exam & working on my thesis, so days go by way too fast!
I will make 3 posts that will be connected. First is Paris-past, than it`s Paris-present and last one, Paris-future (it`s all about architecture, and that happens if you are dating an architect). :)
Today you will see only the first part, because it`s saturday and I wish to relax a little bit with my boyfriend and just enjoy our time together.
So, I Hope you had a great saturday and don`t forget to enjoy the night part of it as well! ;)

Hotel des Invalides
Hotel des Invalides 

Musée du Louvre
The view.
The Panthéon
Notre dame Cathedral
Musée du Louvre

Sacre Coeur Cathedral
The street.

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