Yes I`m a girl and I like bags, shoes and all the accessories :) I decided to post some photos of Su-Shi products, because I love them. Especially the bags, they are amazing! I wouldn`t mind being the owner of one of those pretty bags ...
So , maybe It`s time for me to start saving, because it`s on my wish list for a while now! :) But there is a problem....which color to choose? haha, there are so many....and they all look just like I want them :)
I guess this would be my favourite pick :)
Some of the fashion bloggers & Su-Shi

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  1. Uaaau tele torbice so odo zdaj naprej tudi na moji wish listi. Nisem poznala te blagovne znamke, luštno SU-SHI! Tistele sandalčke zgoraj bi tudi.


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