So I`ve been away for a long time (a month) and I had a great time. :) It was not just holidays that I spent in Greece (the report is still to come), even when I got home last week, there was so many things to do, that I was avoiding my computer and indoor activity. :)
C`mon like I`ve said before - I love summer. I love the smell of summer, birds, wind, sun, ice-cream, lemonade, BBQs, summer dresses, watermelon, oh and there is even my B-day ....anyway it`s a never-ending list. :)

So, I have to tell you what made me really happy this last you remember the post I did about Deafmessanger (the prague based artist) that makes super cool diaries? :)
I finally own one of them , thanks to Sanja ! ( was a great early bday gift! )

P.S. My b-day is in exactly 10 days! :D

yeah, i love it. haha and the background..pure nature. :D

And the other cool thing was a gift that my friend Urška brought me from Berlin....


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