I found some links to this cool design at Elle decor and just by browsing the web. I have to install photoshop & coreldraw to my computer (again), I`m so angry I still don`t have it. But yeah, It`s my fault, cuz I always have tons of other things to do, and when I finally do it, something goes wrong and it doesn`t work, which just makes me frustrated. 
So it`s monday and I have to say, I`m not really a fan of mondays. But honestly, are you?  
Today I began with my new job, which was good, just headache was killing me. (but I survived) :) 
First days are not really tough...I think the worst comes after 14days, when you supose to know everything, work fast and with as less questions as possible :) 

Anyway..we should talk about this collage below, not about my work :) 
You can find this lovely things at Dreamfarm & Aplusrstore.

From left to right:
  1. Supoon - Sit up scraping spoon (I always scrap last pieces of food so I like the idea);
  2. "Paper boat" table top serving set ( lovely!)
  3. Fresh herb pot (come on, it looks great);
  4. Spink - Never spill another drink (I would love to own one of this, cuz Im always spilling things around)
  5. Teafu - Squeeze tea fast infuser (gotta love this) 

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