Mikstejp`s Fall picks and all about the laziness.

Holidays and lots of free time,which I didn`t use in a productive way. I admit, I`m so lazy last 3 days. I don`t know what`s wrong,just missing my energy (I guess it`s because of all the extra food I ate) :)  .. 
 I`ve made lil fashion picks for fall... don`t know if you`ll like it, but I do. Especially the purse, scarf and the boots... haha everything really!  What can I do, it`s a girl syndrom :)  
btw I could do so much more picks, but it`s late and I`m tired, and I wanted to make a fast post... so there you have it, the truth about my laziness :)
And here are some cool looks that I`ve chosen - found on pinterest. (Pinterest is so addictive, right? ) :)


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