Lucy Chadwick, in a film by The Selby for Zara.

The funny/sad thing is that I forgot on which blog I saw this movie (and im sorry for that (!) but I`m doing my best to remember, just my blogroll is enormous and I`ve added a bunch of new blogs today). Another funny thing is that the blogger that posted this video watched it without the sound , as I did (my sound is off cuz I`m also watching a movie at this exact time /you know that`s called multitasking lol, I do it often/ ), so I have no idea what she`s talking about (probably about her life), but c`mon the apartment is amazing (black&white&wood) + the house <3! I love the details, for ex. the coffee pot - super stylish one!
Her clothes are gorgeous and I would like to own that glasses (even though I just bought new ones) : )

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