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Today I feel inspired by do-it-yourself (DIY) cupcake toppers -  fun paper decorations on top of cupcakes/cakes or whatever you want!
I`m in love with pretty decorations, but usually if it`s too pretty, I have problems with actually eating the thing (cuz I don`t want to "destroy" it ).  Do you know what I`m talking about or am I the only one like that? :)
Some of the photos I found via pinterest and some on the mighty google. In the past I`ve also posted some toppers that I did for the muffins. You can find it here and here.  Mmmm and right now my nose just sensed the smell of freshly baked bread (my mom is in a baking mood today), so I`m off to the kitchen now...  

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  1. :) Tud js sm neki ┼że eksperimentirala




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