I found an article about Tess Sheerin (blog+webiste) on http://www.travelettes.net/ (really cool website with lots of interesting articles).
I read it, I watched the video and I fell in love with those recycled surfboards! 
And you know what? One day I`ll have one of this amazing pieces of art hanging on my wall!! (just wait for it...) :) 

Tess moved to the UK from New Zealand in 2008 to pursue her art career. Her weird and wonderful work comes from an ever-changing, dream-like blend of beauty, fantasy, humour and the animal kingdom! 

"Tess Sheerin’s weird and wonderful work comes from an ever-changing, dream-like blend of beauty, fantasy, humour and the animal kingdom! Influenced by a fusion of favourite artist MC Escher, Japanese art, street graffiti and the surrealist movement, Tess’ art captures and enchants, whisking the viewer away to the heady realms of magic, lust and curiosity. Self-taught, Tess' new works incorporate more graphic design techniques than her earlier projects, using a myriad of skills to vivid effect. Airbrushing, charcoal, mark making, stenciling, pastel, carving and collage are all given a whirl! Tess is inspired by her travels, and her art reflects the new people, places, activities encountered in her daily life."

I will give you a link to the interview that she made for the cooler magazine (I could rewrite it, but where`s the point in that?).
For the interview click here and you should totally read it, it`s really interesting ;) 

Her first surf was the `Sexy Fish Lady`. Her scales are made from a combination of slate and charcoal engraving, while her arse is the centre point of the board and oozes an erotic element in shape, texture and colour.
“The idea came to me after a surf one day,” Tess explains. “I discovered an old board beside a tip that was snapped in half and beat up. When I peeled off the fiberglass, I found the watermarks left on the foam underneath from our trademark Cornish weather were amazing!” And like that, ‘Sexy Fish Lady’ was born.

The Sexy Fish Lady

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