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So, it`s Friday. What`re you up to? I came home from work totally without energy, ate lunch and than lay down on a couch and read a Book.
Lovely friday afternoon, I can`t complain about it, the only thing I dislike it`s the cold I`m having last few days. Oh and I have NTC training at 8pm, which today I have to say I`m not really happy about, because it was a though week:)
Tomorrow I`m probably going to Bled, just for one day trip, to relax a bit & have a good cup of coffee with great sights ;) Also my friend Ĺ˝iva is celebrating her bday tmrw + it˙s "party carneval" everywhere and I`m so without a costume. Any last minute ideas?! :)

I`ve shared my plans with you, now it`s your turn to share yours with me ! ;)

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