Happy Valentine`s Day! 
I wanted to make a quick DIY or at least post something about it last week, but it was impossible, cuz my schedule is tight! :) 
Anyway here are some things that I like, but mostly because they are red (oh yeah I love red) and pretty! 
I`m not really a fan of Valentine`s, actually I kind of dislike it , cuz I think it`s just a good marketing and nothing else. You have 365 days to tell your friends, family & loved ones that they are special to you, so why do we need Valentine`s day for? :) But hey, that`s just my humble opinion ! 
And just for the record, I do appreciate chocolate, flowers & hugs. :)

Love, Love, Love from Fifiduvie.
You light up my life DIY - by Poppytalk. ( <3 ) 
The heart shaped elbowpatch via pinterest.

And the last photo of course includes food, thats the best part of it all!! :) 
All photos that dont have link with it, come from pinterest!
We love pinterest, don`t we? :) 


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