Identity and brand design for Gastown's latest addition to the neighbourhood, Meat & Bread was made by Glasfurd and Walker. (check their web page, I really like their work!)

"The studio was approached to create a strong, masculine identity and brand design which communicates the restaurant’s simple and uncomplicated offer. With a focus on a daily roasted meat, a visual system was needed to communicate what was on offer each day. For this, a series of icons was created which complimented the core logo and extended the identity onto packaging for products and take out. 
The design had to be clean and minimal with a timeless aspect to the identity without feeling “retro”. Strength through simplicity was the ultimate mandate."

So if you are from Canada or just traveling through, go and visit Meat & Bread! I would love to do that cuz it looks great + I bet that the food is delicious! ;)


  1. noro! grafika je 1A ! in ambient! sicer mesa nebi - bom ribe in kruh :)kdaj se gre? :D

  2. men je tak dobr vse skupi - luči, pa tista stena.. <3
    hm, meso...jzt bi ga pa mogoc mal probala! :D
    drugač pa, zarad mene, lahko že jutr gremo ! wuop wuop :)

  3. ful lepo,čeprov nemaram meskota:D

  4. Super design celostne podobe. To je u bistvu najtežje, da je simpl pa zelo učinkovito. Jaz pa maram meso in ribe tudi zato bi poskusila kar vse po vrsti.


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