Yeah I know, I`m late with the movie post + I`m late with the pinterest love post. What can a girl do if she is super busy? :) Don`t worry, today you will get a whole pack of posts, if it won`t be sunny in the afternoon of course :D (cuz than probably ill go jogging and just spend some time outside. I love spring, which I think I already mentioned in this post. Ah yes, I have a life outside of the internet world as well  :)
Btw this movie is amazing + it`s in spanish which made extra + for me. (I love spanish movies cuz than I get to practice my portugnol - that`s a mixture between portuguese & spanish, cuz i know both a bit, so I never managed to learn one or another, Im always confused by it ! ) :)
IMDB (8,2/10)

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