Do you like notebooks? Of course you like them, why do I even ask, right?:)
Well I`m a big fan of notebooks, even though I could use my phone + computer for everything (u know keeping up with the technology) I still like good old fashion way, which means writing everything down, because that`s the only certain way I don`t forget things! God, If you would see my room, full of post-it notes! Those ones are dangerous, you can get addicted really fast! Even at my work I have a full desk of it and on the side/up/down on the monitor...haha post-it junkie. :) 
So I`ve gathered a bunch of pretty notebooks that I found, but there are much more out there to be discovered.  
I`m using  moleskine since few years now, I kind of really like it - oh that pocket in the back <3 What about you? What`s ur thing to be organized and never late? :) (oh another fact about me, I`m usually always late, but I`m really improving! Living in Portugal for a year didn`t helped with that bad habit, it only got worse ) :)




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