Ok ill be super short with explaining this post. I started this a while ago, but than stopped and now ill keep the tradition. I did only one "Fotomix inspiration" post - you can check it here.
It will be one song + fotos that inspire me, without any words written. I hope you like the idea? I would appreciate some feedback (good,bad,suggestions,whatever). 
With this I`m off to bed, need to get some good sleep, tmrw I need to wake up early cuz im going to  seaside to run a marathon (only 10k, which is not really marathon but still, it is!). 
Have a good night or a good party if you are going wild somewhere! ;)


  1. All the best and have a AWESOME day at the seaside. As long as you enjoy it; then you are already a winner!
    Your inspirational pictures/videos are really something special and go perfectly together with my meditation music, which is running on my laptop.
    Thank you...for all the little things

  2. i LOVE the idea! pa srečno danes:)

  3. ful dobre inspiracijske fotke! pa lajk za komad :) upam da si uspešno odtekla :) xx

  4. zadnja slikica je res yyaammii :)

  5. lovely pictures :) yes i'm from Portugal, so cool you have to be here in august is just perfect for beach :) kisses from portugal*


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