This post was planned for Monday, but better late than never, right? :)
It was my first time at the seaside this year and I was so happy  I love the sound of sea, the smell of pines, and the salty taste of skin.... so summerish! It was not the best weather but it was ok, just at the end of marathon (Povežimo soline) it became really windy + a bit cold. While I was running it was sunny and warm and I think I had the biggest smile on my face (cuz I was really enjoying)! We didn`t took any photos of ourselves, not sure how that happened.... anyway on Sunday there is another marathon in Sežana and I can`t wait for it! I really enjoy this kind of things, cuz there is so many people sharing the love for the same thing -  in this case running. Oh, the energy is really amazing!
p.s. this are the only photos I have , cuz I didnt have my camera with me, just phone.

Portorož + you can find a cool video about Portorož here!

My (competition?) number :)
Bobiči - you can find the recipe here. (but its only in slovene sorry) :)


  1. To je moralo bit pa fantastično, takole ob morju tečt! Kolk km? Kakorkoli tale pasulj si si zaslužila in upam da je bil dober!

    1. Valentina, res je bilo super, prava uživancija :) Itak si že od nekdaj želim, da bi bila primorka in bi imela super lepo traso ob morju, kjer bi vohala borovce in sol :) Kilometrov pa ni bila čista 10ka (zato se reče najkrajši 10km tek) ampak je blo 9,3km. hihi hvala, pasulj oz. Bobiči (primorska varianta enolončnice, je tudi recept zgoraj) so bili pa odlični!


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