Wohuz it`s Friday ! I`m always so happy on Friday`s, especially if there is 22 degrees outside like today! What are your plans for the weekend? Staying home or going somewhere on a trip or smth? :)
This afternoon I`m going to play Tennis and than I have to bake a cake for a b-day cuz we are celebrating tomorrow  (Family style) and than on Sunday I`m going to a "marathon" (8km) again. I`m preparing for a half marathon in May, which is 21km so I need to get some practice done. So there you have it - my weekend plans! :)
I should also say something about the photos below right? This was our lunch one of this days (I think Wednesday). It`s so simple and really good & that`s why I`m showing it to you in case you`ll need an inspiration what to prepare for lunch.

Ingredients: Potato, red pepper, carrot, leek (I also needed google for this), onion, garlic, chicken + pepper, salt, rosemary, parsley + all kind of herbs that you like. Than you cut all this into small pieces and put it into oven untill its crusty/crispy. :)

 I`m obsessed with mustard. But not anykind of mustard, the DIJON one! :) + on the right it`s the last `lil bottle of Olive oil from Crete that I brought home this summer and I found this one in my backpack last week (that`s why it survived so long) :)


    sva že 2, kar se gorčice tiče. In JA, vsi kao FANI gorčice, lahko grejo nekam z njihovimi približki Sparovih,Meratorjevih in kaj jaz vem kaj še, gorčicami.
    Dobro, te obične variante uporabljam za marinade ali pa pri pečenju.
    Za vse drugo...je tukaj LA DION!!!! :D
    Maille i like. LONG LIVE LECLERC ;)

  2. Aja, aja. Yes, we DO have plans for the weekend. Yesterday was SHOPPING day. FOOD and SPICES :D, then it was a cousy couch style night with a big cup of real white coffe (PROJA) some whole wheat no sugar cookies and STAR WARS VI

    Today, OFCOURSE, is CLEANING UP SLOVENIA and giving something little to MOTHER NATURE, then we have a picnic, as a thank you for all the people who took some time and came.

    And tomorrow? Hmm, don't know yet. Either a trip, climbing, or just chilling and baking some bread for a friend...

    Ow, i forgot to mention that a family friends dog bite me in my "precious" hand (climbing...that's why it's precious) on Thursday. Just so, out of the blue, he jumped out of the van, while his master was not watching and attacked me from behind, puting his teeth in my right hand. Luckily i hade my heavy leather gloves on, or else...
    Now i look realy cool, with two bite marks, a swollen hand, and driet blood around the wound.
    Ladies, come and get me :)))))))))


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