Oh yes, the chalkboard paint! <3 I love the idea of it + it looks really stylish to me! Maybe it`s not the healthiest thing to have it in your kitchen, but still I wouldn`t mind having a wall like this, so the kids could play while mommy cooks...haha wait, I went to far into the future right now. :)
Yeah, I`m a daydreamer (always was and always will be). 
C`mon and the chalkboard plant pots? Perfect ! Lately I`m just having some problems to choose between black & white versus colours. I love both ways, but black & white combination is definitely winning ... maybe few of them black and than on the other side of the garden, I can have a whole rainbow right? :) 
Ah and also chalkboard mugs, tray, table, vases.... I want them all!
Ok as soon as I`m ready to get out of my bed I`m doing DIY projects (lots of them), cuz I have so many ideas right now....J`adore Pinterest!

The best thing is that the chalkboard paint doesn`t need to be black or green, you can make it in any colour ! This photo below shows you which supplies you will need and if you follow this link, you will find the instructions as well ! 


  1. pinterest je moja droga! ljubim ga<3

  2. Hmmm, a tole se samo naredi? Interesantno res. Sem te namreč mislil ravnokar vprašati, če veš, kje bi se dalo dotično zadevo nabaviti...

    1. Ravno danes sm v reviji Hiše zasledila en DIY, kjer pise da potrebuješ zidno barvo + fugirno maso da dobis ven pravo mesanico:) drugace pa jo po mojem lahko narocis na kaksnem ebayu ali kaj podobnega..mogoce celo da se kje pri nas dobi, nimam pojma. Aja, pa tud barvne se da delat, tko kot je prikazano na zadnji sliki ;)


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