Ok, so I haven`t been updating blog last week because I was on holidays! :) It was a short escape of 5 days (well its not that short ) and it was great. 
First stop was Umag which is really close to Slovenia, so once you cross the border you are almost there. We came there on Friday and stayed till Saturday evening. There was a lot going on, cuz it was packed with turists. There was also a marathon, zumba marathon & Old Timer`s fair. (lots of pretty old cars )
We didn`t do much, just walked around, ate ice-cream, played tennis where the ATP Croatia open is held, chilled by the sea with chairs + books & went for a party at a club called Jimmy Woo, that was at the same spot as tennis courts. 
On Saturday we left for Crveni vrh. I was there for the first time and I have to say that it was really nice and the views from there are amazing + for all the fans there is a golf court (which you have to reserve in advance if you have a wish to play there). :) 
That`s what im sharing for the first two days & in the next post a bit more from the rest of the holidays. 


  1. ah,I envy you :p js bi tud šla na morje ^^

    1. Hihi lepo je blo ja, ti se pa nc prevec ne sekiraj, sej bo kmal poletje in morski oddih! ;)

  2. joj, komej čakam julij, da šibam na obalo! fotke so tuk čudovite, kar morje voham!:)


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