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It`s been a while since my last cinematheque post, but that doesn`t mean I stopped watching movies. :)
Today I`m sharing a little passion of mine --> dancing.  Oh yes, I`ve seen all the movies that are just a little bit connected with dancing and I loved them all  & Streetdance 2 was no exception.
I watched it yesterday in cinema with two of my good friends (we used to dance together, so it was only natural to go watch it with them) and we had fun ! :)
There was nothing new in it, we all seen this stuff before in previous dance movies, but I was still shaking with my head, my feet and half of my body while watching it. :D 
If nothing else, Sofia is stunning ! (Gosh, I`m really a big fan) + I liked Falk as well, but I`m still not over Channing who played in Step up. :) Haha, what can I do, those guys are just sexy (if I may say).... :) 
Oh btw I really hated the 3D thing.... it was bothering me all the time + it`s too dark with those glasses....

IMDB (5,7/10)

Hm, have you watched any of dance movies? I`m sure you`ve seen at least Dirty dancing? :)
xoxo, M.


  1. men so plesni filmi tud zlo ušečni, ampak dirty dancinga pa ne morem pogledat, tko strašno dolgčas mi rata umes, da nikakor ne pridm do konca filma.weird,ha?! :D pa 3D scena mi je kr neki, očala me vedno v nos žuljo pa še oči me bolijo po njih,tk da se takih filmov kr izogibam. :D

  2. Yes, It's Very Great to see Movie with Friends and have a lot fun. STREETDANCE 2 Movie is very good and I have watched it.


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