So a quick "walk" through Saturday Jane`s walk in Celje. (I wrote about it in the previous post).
It was great, not so many people came (not sure why) but hey, we had fun! :) 
We needed 2 hours for six stops which is quite impressive because it`s all really close, but there were some things that we needed to discuss, some people that told their stories and a lot of writing on the floor with chalks.
The idea with chalks was that everybody should write down at the spot what they thought it`s missing or should be improved and it worked great. I felt like a kid again, but this time with more grown up ideas. :) 
I hope that next year even more people will join the walk, I`ll be there for sure. ;) 
Btw were you maybe at Jane`s walk somewhere as well ? 

The library + Savinjsko nabrežje (quay?) :) 

 "Promenade is cool." 
 Kids had their own ideas as well..
"It can be a place for spontaneous street performance."
I`m not a big fan of small dogs, but he is so adorable!
 A Crosswalk was missing , so we drew one.

 ....and people were using it already the next minute. :)
This is the only living underpass in Celje. The question was why + how would we improve it more + what are our ideas for bringing life in the streets.
"Oživimo izložbe v celotni Gosposki!" - Revive the showcases in the street!
Mihaela Jezernik & her Studio
Vila Malina - the prettiest shop in the city!

Branibor - one of the oldest pubs in the city (there is a pub at the same location already more than 150 years, which means that it`s obviously at a good location), but what is really impressive is how the owner used the poorly maintained atrium and all the small facilities around (old barracks/garages) that needed to be renovated and made a wonderful courtyard out of them.


  1. aaa ! super! jutri pokažem Urški (šefici), ker me je spraševala, če je kdo od medijev slikal. sem samo tebe omenila oz. vas, ki ste bili :) če je bil pa kdo iz medijev pa res ne vem :) ampak lepo si pofotkala! ;)

    1. hehe Miriam jutri bo verjetno ena objava posvečena samo Vili Malini,ker sem naredila ful fotk ampak jih nisem mogla v to objavo vse vključit - bi blo čist preveč :)
      Drugače od medijev je bila Urška - novinarka od Celjana, tko da ga ne pozabit pregledat ! :)

    2. o super! bom povedala Urški :) bo vesela! :D mi smo pa tako naročeni na Celjana, tako, da ne bo šlo mimo :)

  2. Ku ku, Vila Malina tu!
    Se zelo veselim in sem hvaležna za tale svež veter v mestu.


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